Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jack Vettriano Sometimes It's A Man's World

Jack Vettriano Sometimes It's A Man's WorldJack Vettriano Soho NightsJack Vettriano Silhouette
Hibiscus bustled up. 'You boys ready, then?' he said.
'Hold on a minute,' said Cliff. 'We ain't discussed our pay.'
'I said six his arm around Glod's head and led him to a corner of the room.
Buddy watched the Librarian examine the piano. He'd never seen a musician begin by trying to eat his instrument. Then the ape lifted the lid and regarded the keyboard. He tried a few notes, apparently for taste.
Glod returned, rubbing his hands.
'That's sorted him out,' he said. 'Hah!'
'How much?' said Cliff.
'Six dollars!' said Glod.dollars,' said Hibiscus. 'What d'you ex­pect? You aren't Guild, and the Guild rate is eight dollars.'‘We wouldn't ask you for eight dollars,' said Glod.'Right!''We'll take sixteen.''Sixteen? You can't do that! That's almost twice Guild rate!''But there's a lot of people out there,' said Glod. 'I bet you're renting a lot of beer. We don't mind going home.''Let's talk about this,' said Hibiscus. He put

Monday, May 11, 2009

Franz Marc fate animals

Franz Marc fate animalsFranz Marc Blue HorseMarc Chagall The Three CandlesMarc Chagall Paris Through the Window
dwarf took a deep breath, and extracted from the horn a deep, throbbing sound.
People drummed their fingers on the edge of the tables. The orang was sitting with a huge rapt grin on his face, as though he'd swallowed a banana sideways.
Susan looked down at the hourglass marked Imp y Celyn.
The top bulb The Librarian's hair was standing on end, all over his body. The ends crackled.
It made you want to kick down walls and ascend the sky on steps of fire. It made you want to pull all the switches and throw all the levers and stick your fingers in the electric socket was now quite empty of sand, but something blue flickered in there.She felt tiny pin‑like claws scrabble up her back and find purchase on her shoulder.The Death of Rats looked down at the glass.SQUEAK, it said, quietly.Susan still wasn't good on Rat but she thought she knew 'uh‑oh' when she heard it.Imp's fingers danced over the strings, but the sound that came from them was no relative to the tones of harp or lute. The guitar screamed like an angel who had just discovered why it was on the wrong side. Sparks glittered on the strings.Imp himself had his eyes shut and was holding the instrument close to his chest, like a soldier holding a spear at the port. It was hard to know who was playing what.And still the music flooded out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dirck Bouts Resurrection

Dirck Bouts ResurrectionDirck Bouts The Gathering of the MannaDirck Bouts The Meeting of Abraham and MelchizedekFrederic Edwin Church Sunset
gather that you and, er, Constable Angua are getting along well?'
'We have a very good Understanding, sir. Of course, there will be minor difficulties,' said Carrot, 'but, to look on the positive side, I've,' said Lady Ramkin, from her side of the dining table. 'We must get you on that. And the Country Landowners' Association. And the Friendly Flamethrowers' League. Cheer up. You'll find your time will just fill up like nobody's business.'
'Yes, dear,' said Vimes. The days stretched ahead of him, just filling up like nobody's business got someone who's always ready for a walk around the city.'As Carrot had his hand on the door handle Lord Vetinari called out to him.'Yes, sir?'Carrot looked back at the tall thin man, standing in the big bare room beside the golden throne filled with decay.'You're a man interested in words, captain. I'd just invite you to consider something your predecessor never fully grasped.''Sir?''Have you ever wondered where the word "politician" comes from?' said the Patrician. And then there's the committee of the Sunshine Sanctuary

Monday, May 4, 2009


said Carrot. 'Ordinary hens' eggs. What you do is, you get a hen's egg, and you make a hole in either end and you blow the egg stuff out,ones had faded almost to nothing. She put it down and unconsciously wiped her hand on her tunic.
'What happens if a clown wants to use another clown's face?' she said.
'Oh, we compare all the new eggs with the ones on the shelves,' said Boffo. 'It's not allowed.'
They walked between aisles of faces. Angua fanded she could hear the squelch of a million custard-filled trousers and the echoes of a thousand honking noses and a million and then a clown paints his make-up on the egg and that's his official make-up and no other clown can use it. That's very important. Some faces have been in the same family for generations, you know. Very valuable thing, a clown's face. Isn't that so, Boffo?'The clown was staring at him.'How do you know all that?''I read it in a book.'Angua picked up an ancient egg. There was a label attached to it, and on the label were a dozen names, all crossed out except the last one. The ink on the earlier