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William Merritt Chase Idle Hours

William Merritt Chase Idle HoursWilliam Merritt Chase ReflectionsJulius LeBlanc Stewart The LetterFrederic Edwin Church Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives
a dead end.'
The two Watchmen lumbered to a halt.
Cuddy knew that he was currently the brains of the partnership, even though Detritus was presently counting, his face name was fortunately lost in the celebrated mists of time, but it had come to be deserved. It had turned into a kind of tunnel as upper storeys were built out and over it, leaving a few inches of sky.
Cuddy peered around the corner, into the gloom.
Click. Click.
It came from deep in the darkness.
'Did he have any weapons?'beaming with pride, the stones in the wall beside him.Why had they chased someone halfway across the dry ? Because they'd run away. No-one ran away from the Watch. Thieves just flashed their licences. Unlicensed thieves had nothing to fear from the Watch, since they'd saved up all their fear for the Thieves' Guild. Assassins always obeyed the letter of the law. And honest men didn't run away from the WatchRunning away from the Watch was downright suspicious.The origin of Grope Alley's

Thomas Gainsborough The Watering Place

Thomas Gainsborough The Watering PlaceThomas Gainsborough The Morning WalkThomas Gainsborough The Harvest Wagon
was lucky!' he said. 'Could have been a nasty accident there.'
He triedto you, you were among the first to know.
His visitor grabbed the device from the bench and rammed it into a cloth bag. Then he looked around wildly, picked up the corpse of Mr Hammerhock, and dragged it through the door towards the river.
There was a distant splash, or as close to a splash as you could get from the Ankh.
'Oh dear,' said Bjorn. 'And I can't swim, either.'
Bjorn looked at him.
'You're a lot shorter than I thought you'd be,' he said. to fan some of the smoke away, and then reached for the file again.His hand went through it.AHEM.Bjorn tried again.The file was as insubstantial as the smoke.'What?'AHEM.The owner of the strange device was staring in horror at something on the floor. Bjorn followed his gaze.'Oh,' he said. Realization, which had been hovering on the edge of Bjorn's consciousness, finally dawned. That was the thing about death. When it happened

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Andy Warhol Sunset

Andy Warhol SunsetAndy Warhol Shadows IAndy Warhol OxidationAndy Warhol NeuschwansteinAndy Warhol Knives black and white
embarrassing disease he'd died of.
They had just eaten a not-very-good meal which had, however, included some ancient and worthwhile wines. They'd attended because they'd all known Edward's father, and the d'Eaths were a fine old family, if now in very reduced circumstances.
'So you see,' would be somewhat watered down by now, don't you think?'
'The royal b-lood cannot be wa-tered down!'
Ah, thought Lord Rust. So he's that kind. Young Edward thinks the touch of a king can cure scrofula, as if royalty was the equivalent of a sulphur ointment. Young Edward thinks that there is no lake of blood too big to wade through to put a rightful king on a throne, no deed too base in defence of a crown. A romantic, in fact.said Edward proudly, 'the evidence is overwhelming. We have a king!'His audience tried to avoid looking at one another's faces.'I thought you'd be pl-eased,' said Edward.Finally, Lord Rust voiced the unspoken consensus. There was no room in those true-blue eyes for pity, which was not a survival trait, but sometimes it was possible to risk a little kindness.'Edward,' he said, 'the last king of Ankh-Morpork died centuries ago.''Executed by t-raitors!''Even if a descendant could still be found, the royal blood

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Cao Yong AGE OF INNOCENCECao Yong AFTERNOON TEACao Yong cao yong Red Umbrella
change in the texture of the forest now. It was old even by the standards of Lancre forestry. Beards of moss hung from gnarled low branches. Ancient leaves crack-led underfoot as the witch and the dwarf flew between the trees. Something heard them and crashed away through the thick undergrowth. By the sound of it, it was something with horns.
Nanny let the broomstick glide to a halt.
“There,” she said, pushing aside a bracken frond, ‘the Long Man.’”
Casanunda peeredon privy walls with 200,000 tons of earth, in a manner of speaking.”
LOR08 fiND Lft0/£6
“Doesn’t sound like you to be shocked by that sort of thing.”
She could have sworn the dwarf was blushing under his wig. under her elbow.“Is that all? It’s just an old burial mound.”“Three old burial mounds,” said NannyCasanunda took in the overgrown landscape.“Yes, I see them,” he said. “Two round ones and a long one. Well?”“The first time I saw ‘em from the air,” said Nanny, “I nearly fell off the bloody broomstick for laughin’.”There was one of those pauses known as the delayed drop while the dwarf worked out the topography of the situation.Then:“Blimey,” said Casanunda. “I thought the people who built burial mounds and earthworks and things were serious druids and people like that, not. . . not people who drew

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Thomas Kinkade Cape Hatteras Light

Thomas Kinkade Cape Hatteras LightJohn Collier Priestess of DelphiVincent van Gogh Starry Night over the Rhone I
types with pointy ears and a tendency to giggle and burn easily in sunshine. I ain’t talking about them.
There’s no harm in them. I’m talking about real wild elves,
what we ain’t seen here for—“
The road from the bridge to the town curved between high banks, with the forest crowding in on either side and in places even meeting overhead. Thick ferns, already curling like green breakers, lined the clay banks.
They rustled.
The unicorn Granny Weatherwax smiled.
Millie Chillum and the king and one or two hangers-on were clustered around the door to Magrat’s room when Nanny Ogg arrived.
“What’s happening?”
“I know she’s in there,” said Verence, holding his crown in his hands in the famous leapt on the road.Thousands of universes, twisting together like a rope being plaited from threads .. .There’s bound to be leakages, a sort of mental equivalent of’the channel breakthrough on a cheap hi-fi that gets you the news in Swedish during quiet bits in the music. Especially if you’ve spent your life using your mind as a receiver.187Terry PratchettPicking up the thoughts of another human being is very hard, because no two minds are on the same, er, wavelength.But somewhere out there, at the point where the parallel universes tangle, are a million minds just like yours. For a very obvious reason.

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Pop art elvis

Pop art elvisPop art coltrane on rustPop art Bruce Springsteen - The BOSSPop art booker t & the mgs on green
Well, that’s about it, then,” said Granny Weatherwax, as the warriors approached. She dropped her voice.
“When the time comes,” she said, “run.”
“What time?”
“You’ll know.”
Granny fell to in an area that Nanny Ogg would be surprised that Esme Weatherwax even knew about.
Diamanda was already running. Granny’s elbow caught the other elf in the chest as she set off after her.
Behind her, she heard the merry laughter of the elves.
Diamanda had been surprised at Granny’s old lady act. She was far more surprised when Granny drew level. But Granny had more to run away from.her knees as the elves approached.“Oh, deary me, oh spare my life, I am but a poor old woman and skinny also,” she said. “Oh spare my life, young sir. Oh lawks.”She curled up, sobbing. Diamanda looked at her in astonishment, not least at how anyone could expect to get away with something like that.115Terry PratchettElves had been away from humans for a long time. The first elf reached her, hauled her up by her shoulder, and got a doubled-handed, bony-knuckled punch

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Leroy Neiman Roulette II

Leroy Neiman Roulette IILeroy Neiman Marlin FishingLeroy Neiman Mardi Gras Parade
Weren’t my fault. Mum! How could I stop ‘em?”
Nanny sat back in the chair, smiling happily
“What them would these be, my son?”
“That young Diamanda and that Perdita and that girl with the red hair from over in Bad Ass and them others. I says to old Peason, I says you’d have something to say, I tole ‘em Mistress Weatherwax’d get her knic—would defi-nitely be sarcastic when she found out,” said Jason. “But they just laughs. They said they could teach ‘emselves witching.”
Nanny nodded. gone.”
Nanny Ogg lit her pipe from the forge. Floppy hat and black nails and education. Oh, dear.
“How many of these gels are there, then?” she said.
“Bout half a dozen. But they’m good at it. Mum.”
“Yeah?”Actually, they were quite right. You could teach yourself witchcraft. But both the teacher and the pupil had to be the right kind of person.“Diamanda?” she said. “Don’t recall the name.”“Really she’s Lucy Tockley,” said Jason. “She says Diamanda is more .. . more witchy.”“Ah. The one that wears the big floppy felt hat?”“Yes, Mum.”“She’s the one that paints her nails black, too?”“Yes, Mum.”“Old Tockley sent her off to school, didn’t he?”“Yes, Mum. She came back while you was

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Thomas Kinkade Pools of Serenity

Thomas Kinkade Pools of SerenityThomas Kinkade Make a Wish Cottage 2Thomas Kinkade Home For Christmas
never forget a face, friend. Just take yours away, right? While you still have some left?"
He turned back to the game.
"S'cuse me," said a voice by his waist. He looked down at a very large newt.
"You not supposed do that here. No Smiting. Not up here. It the rules. You want fight, you get your humans fight his humans."
"Who're you?"
"P'tang-P'tang, me."
"You're a god?"
"Yeah? How many worshipers have you got?"
The newt looked at him hopefully, and added, "Is that lots? Can't count."
It pointed at. It seemed simpler when you were up here. It was all a game. You forgot that it wasn't a game down there. People died. Bits got chopped off. We're like eagles up here, he thought. Sometimes we show a tortoise how to flY.
Then we let go.
He said, to the occult world in general, "There's people going to die down there." a rather crudely molded figure on the beach in Omnia and said, "But got a stake!"Om looked at the figure of the little fisherman."When he dies, you'll have fifty worshippers," he said."That more or less than fifty-one?""A lot less.""Definite?""Yes.""No one tell me that."There were several dozen gods watching the beach. Om vaguely remembered the Ephebian statues. There was the goddess with the badly carved owl. Yes.Om rubbed his head. This wasn't god-like thinking
A Tsortean God of the Sun did not even bother to

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Claude Monet La Grenouillere

Claude Monet La GrenouillereFabian Perez TangoFabian Perez Flamenco
has spoken to me. A machine that goes by itself? Such a thing is against all reason. Where are its muscles? Where is its mind?"
"Yes, lord."
The inquisitor, whose name was Deacon Cusp, had got where he was today, which was a place he wasn't sure right now that he "I have . . . special knowledge," said Vorbis.
"Of course, lord."
"You know the breaking strain of sinews and muscles, Deacon Cusp."
Cusp had formed an opinion that Vorbis was somewhere on the other side of madnesswanted to be, because he liked hurting people. It was a simple desire, and one that was satisfied in abundance within the Quisition. And he was one of those who were terrified in a very particular way by Vorbis. Hurting people because you enjoyed it . . . that was understandable. Vorbis just hurt people because he'd decided that they should be hurt, without passion, even with a kind of hard love.In Cusp's experience, people didn't make things up, ultimately, not in front of an exquisitor. Or course there were no such things as devices that moved by themselves, but he made a mental note to increase the guard-"However," said Vorbis, "there will be a disturbance during the ceremony tomorrow.""Lord?"

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Henri Rousseau The Flamingos

Henri Rousseau The FlamingosHenri Rousseau The Equatorial JungleHenri Rousseau The Boat in the StormHenri Rousseau Surprise
may go where you wish. See new things, Brutha. Learn everything you can. You are my eyes and ears. And my memory. Learn about this place."
"Er. Really, lord?"
"Have I impressed you with my use of careless language, Brutha?"
"No, lord."
"Go away. Fill yourself. And be back by sunset."
"Er. Even the Library?" said Brutha.
"Ah? Yes, the Library. The Library that they have here. Of course. Crammed with useless and dangerous and evil knowledge. I can see it in my mind, Brutha. Can you imagine that?"
"No, Lord stare at the wall. Brutha wondered what he saw there. When nothing else appeared to be forthcoming, he said, "Thank you."
He stepped back a bit before he went out, so that he could squint under the deacon's bed.
He's probably in trouble, Brutha thought as he hurried through the palace. Everyone wants to eat tortoises.
He tried to look everywhere while avoiding the friezes of unclad nymphsVorbis.""Your innocence is your shield, Brutha. No. By all means go to the Library. I have no fear of any effect on you. ""Lord Vorbis?""Yes?""The Tyrant said that they hardly did anything to Brother Murduck . . ."Silence unrolled its restless length.Vorbis said, "He lied.""Yes." Brutha waited. Vorbis continued to

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Pierre Auguste Renoir Les baigneuses

Pierre Auguste Renoir Les baigneusesPierre Auguste Renoir By the SeashoreThomas Kinkade Victorian AutumnThomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas
ought to mulch the melons and explain things to Lu-Tze.
Lu-Tze came with the gardens.
Every organization has someone like him. They might be pushing a broom in obscure corridors, or wandering among the shelves in. He dealt in soil, manure, muck, compost, loam, and dust, and the means of moving it about. Generally he was pushing a broom, or turning over a heap. Once anyone put seeds in anything he lost interest.
He was raking the paths when Brutha entered. He was good at raking paths. He left scallop patterns and gentle soothing curves. Brutha always felt apologetic about walking on them.
He hardly ever spoke to Lu-Tze, because it didn't matter much what anyone ever said the back of the stores (where they are the only person who knows where anything is) or have some ambiguous but essential relationship with the boiler-room. Everyone knows who they are and no one remembers a time when they weren't there, or knows where they go when they're not, well, where they usually are. Just occasionally, people who are slightly more observant than most other people, which is not on the face of it very difficult, stop and wonder about them for a while . . . and then get on with something else.Strangely enough, given his gentle ambling from garden to garden around the Citadel, Lu-Tze never showed much interest in the plants themselves

George Bellows Stag at Sharkey's

George Bellows Stag at Sharkey'sGeorge Bellows Dempsey and FirpoCaravaggio The Sacrifice of Isaac
'Is your geese giving you trouble?' said the Seriph.
'Geas,' said The scattered particles of what had been Rincewind's mind pulled themselves together and drifted up through the layers of dark unconsciousness like a three-day corpse rising to the surface.
It probed its most recent memories, in much the same way that one might scratch a fresh scab.
He could recall something about a staff, and a pain so intense that it appeared to insert a chisel between every cell in his body and hammer on it repeatedly.Nijel calmly. 'It's not giving me trouble, it's just that I must do something brave before I die.''That's it though,' said Creosote. 'That's the whole rather sad point. You'll do something brave, and then you'll die.''What alternative have we got?' said Nijel.They considered this.'I don't think I'm much good at explaining,' said Conina, in a small voice.'I am,' said Nijel, firmly. 'I'm always having to explain.'

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Gustave Caillebotte Oarsmen

Gustave Caillebotte OarsmenLorenzo Lotto Mystic Marriage of St CatherineLorenzo Lotto Angel Annunciating
One story said that the gods stepped in, but the gods don't usually take a hand in human affairs unless it amuses themthe world. There's going to be a horrible war. It's all going to hap­pen. The Disc is too old to take it this time. Everything's been worn too thin. Doom, darkness and destruction bear down on us. The Apocralypse is nigh.'
'Death walks abroad,' added Nijel helpfully.
'What?' snapped Rincewind, angry at being inter­rupted.. Another one - and this was the one that the wizards themselves told, and wrote down in their books - was that the wizards themselves got together and settled their differences amicably for the good of mankind. And this was generally accepted as the true account, despite being as internally likely as a lead lifebelt.The truth isn't easily pinned to a page. In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap, and much more difficult to find ... 'What happened, then?' said Conina.'It doesn't matter,' said Rincewind, mournfully. 'It's going to start all over again. I can feel it. I've got this instinct. There's too much magic flowing into

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Salvador Dali Galatea of the Spheres

Salvador Dali Galatea of the SpheresSalvador Dali GalarinaSalvador Dali Figure at a Window I
in probably wasn't the same building when you woke up. Rooms had a habit of changing and moving around, a consequence of all this random magic. It built up in the carpets, charging up the wizards to such an extent that shaking kedgeree when you lifted it off the plate might well have turned into something else by the time it entered your mouth. If you were lucky, it was inedible. If you were unlucky, it was edible but probably not something you liked to think you were about to eat or, worse, had already eaten half of.
Spelter found Coin in what had been, late last night, a broom cupboard. It was hands with somebody was a sure-fire way of turning them into something. The build up of magic, in fact, was overflowing the capacity of the area to hold it. If something wasn't done about it soon, then even the common people would be able to use it - a chilling thought but, since Spelter's mind was already so full of chilling thoughts you could use it as an ice tray, not one he was going to spend much time worrying about.Mere household geography wasn't the only difficulty, though. Sheer pressure of thaumaturgical inflow was even affecting the food. What was a forkful of

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William Merritt Chase Idle Hours

William Merritt Chase Idle HoursWilliam Merritt Chase ReflectionsJulius LeBlanc Stewart The Letter
Rincewind sat and stared blankly at nothing much for fully ten seconds before giving a little scream and running as fast as he could.
He didn't stop until he'd reached his own room in the Library building. It wasn't much of a room, being mainly used to store oldAnd on top of the wardrobe, wrapped in scraps of yellowing paper and old dust sheets, was a large brassbound chest. It went by the name of the Luggage. Why it consented to be owned by Rincewind was something only the Luggage knew, and it wasn't telling, but probably no other item in the entire chronicle of travel accessories had quite such a history of mystery and grievous bodily harm. It had been described as half suitcase, half homicidal maniac. It had many unusual qualitie furniture, but it was home.Against one shadowy wall was a wardrobe. It wasn't one of your modern wardrobes, fit only for nervous adulterers to jump into when the husband returned home early, but an ancient oak affair, dark as night, in whose dusty depths coat-hangers lurked and bred; herds of flaking shoes roamed its floor. It was quite possible that it was a secret doorway to fabulous worlds, but no-one had ever tried to find out because of the distressing smell of mothballs.s

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Thomas Kinkade Sweetheart Cottage II

Thomas Kinkade Sweetheart Cottage IIThomas Kinkade Sunrise ChapelThomas Kinkade Streams of Living Water
FOLK DANCING? said Death, wearily.
‘No. We have some pride, you know.’
‘. His voice faltered a bit as he tried to analyse the situation.
‘You’re looking very . . . sparkly . . . tonight, Miss Flitworth,’ he finished, gallantly.
The air smelled of warm, damp grass. An amateur orchestra was still setting up under an awning.
There were trestle tables covered with the kind of food that’s normally associated with the word “repast” - pork pies like varnished military fortifications, vats of demonical pickled onions, jacket potatoes wallowing in a cholesterol ocean of melted butter. Some of the local elders had already established themselves on the benches provided, and were chewing stoically if toothlessly through the food withHey, it’s Bill Door, isn’t it?’ said a figure looming out of the dusk.‘It’s good old Bill!’‘Hey, Bill!’Death looked at a circle of guileless faces.HALLO. MY FRIENDS.‘We heard you’d gone away,’ said Duke Bottomley. He glanced at Miss Flitworth, as Death helped her down from the horse

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Sandro Botticelli Pallas and the Centaur

Sandro Botticelli Pallas and the CentaurSandro Botticelli Madonna in Glory with SeraphimJean Beraud La Rue de la Paix 1907
Windle patted her on the shoulder.
‘Goodout a couple of handfuls of soil, and unearthed his diary. Twenty days to next full moon. Still, it’d be something to look forward to.
The metal debris of the heap started to collapse. Trolleys whirred around it, and a large crowd of Ankh-Morpork’s citizens were standing in a big circle, trying to peer inside. The unmusical music filled the ??? ‘There’s Mr Dibbler,’ said Ludmilla, as they pushed their way through the unresisting people.
‘What’s he selling this time?’ point. Good point,’ was all he could think of to say.‘You know, don’t you,’ she said, without looking up.‘Yes. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of, if that’s any help.’Mother said it would be dreadful if anyone ever found out!’‘That probably depends on who it is,’ said Windle, glancing at Lupine.‘Why is your dog staring at me like that?’ said Ludmilla.‘He’s very intelligent,’ said Windle.Windle felt in his pocket, tipped

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Caravaggio Judith Beheading Holofernes

Caravaggio Judith Beheading HolofernesCaravaggio Amor Vincit OmniaPierre-Auguste Cot Le Printemps
We’ll prepare them when we get there,’ said the Archchancellor through gritted teeth.’Bursar! Your boots! Now!’
They reached the double doors of the Great Hall just as the door behind them half-collapsed, half-dissolved. The Great Hall’s doors were much sturdier.
Bolts and bars were dragged into place.
‘Clear the tables and pile them up in front of the door,’ snapped Ridcully ‘But it eats through wood, ‘ said the Dean.the hall. ‘I hope it doesn’t eat too much wood,’ said the dazed Modo, radiating genuine concern.’They’re a devil, excuse my Klatchian, if you get too much carbon in them. It’s far too heating.’
‘You know, this is exactly the right time for a lecture on the dynamics of compost making, Modo, ‘ said the Dean.
Dwarfs do not know the meaning of the word “irony”.There was a moan from the small body of Modo, which had been propped against a chair. He opened his eyes. ‘Quick!’ said Ridcully. ‘How can we kill a compost heap?’‘Um. I don’t think you can, Mr Ridcully, sir,’ said the gardener.‘How about fire? I could probably manage a small fireball, ‘ said the Dean.‘It wouldn’t work. Too soggy,’ said Ridcully.‘It’s right outside! It’s eating away at the door! It’s eating away at the door,’ sang the Lecturer in Recent Runes.The wizards backed further away down the length of

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Sandro Botticelli Venus and Mars

Sandro Botticelli Venus and MarsJean Beraud La Rue de la PaixHenri Rousseau The Snake Charmer
trousers have been too often awash with whitewash, whose nerves would disintegrate completely at the sound of just one more whoopee-cushion. The other Guild leaders tried to be nice to him, in the same way that people try to be ‘Hohoho, ‘ said the leader of the Assassins’ Guild. ‘Hohoho,’ said the head Alchemist. ‘And, you know, what makes it even funnier is that it was actually an alembic.’
‘So what you’re telling me,’ said the Patrician, as considerate hands led the Fool away, ‘is that none of you are responsible for these events?’ He gave Ridcully a meaningful look as he spoke.
The Archchancellor was about to answer when his eye was caught by a movement on the Patrician’s kind to other people who are standing on the ledges of very high buildings.‘What do you mean, Geoffrey?’ said Ridcully, as kindly as he could. The Fool gulped. ‘Well, you see,’ he mumbled, ‘we have sharp as in splinters, and retort as in large glass alchemical vessel, ~~d thus we get a pun on “sharp retort” which also means, well, a scathing answer. Sharp retort. You see? It’s a play on words. Um. It’s not very good, is it.’ The Archchancellor looked into eyes like two runny eggs. ‘Oh, apun,’ he said.’Of course. Hohoho.’ He waved a hand encouragingly at the others.‘Hohoho, ‘ said the Chief Priest.

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William Bouguereau Yvonne

William Bouguereau YvonneWilliam Bouguereau Le JourWilliam Bouguereau DawnWilliam Bouguereau Dante and Virgil in HellBill Brauer Scarlet Dancer
Albert flapped the polishing cloth and pulled back Death’s cowl.
Death pulled out the tiny golden timer.
‘Yes, sir. Very nice. Never seen one like that before. Whose is it?’
Albert’s eyes swivelled sideways. On one corner of Death’s desk was a large timer in a black frame. It contained no sand. ‘I thought that one was yours, sir?’ he said.
Albert ‘But you’re Death, master,’ said Albert, running crab-legged after the tall figure as it led the way out into the hall and down the passage to the stable. ‘This isn’t some sort of joke, is it?’ he added hopefully.
‘Well, of course not, no offense meant. But listen, you can’t die. because you’re Death, you’d have to happen to yourself, it’d be like that snake that peered at the thing in Death’s hand.‘But . . . the sand, sir. It’s pouring.’QUITE SO.‘But that means . . . I mean . . . ?’IT MEANS THAT ONE DAY THE SAND WILL ALL BE POURED, ALBERT. ‘I know that, sir, but . . . you . . . I thought Time was something that happened to other people, sir. Doesn’t it? Not to you, sir.’ By the end of the sentence Albert’s voice was beseeching.Death pulled off the towel and stood up.COME WITH ME.