Monday, January 14, 2008

famous frida kahlo painting

famous frida kahlo painting
famous diego rivera painting
famous michelangelo painting
famous salvador dali painting "Upon my word I never heard of it till this moment."    "Never! really, never!--Bless me! how could it be?--Then I must have dreamt it--but I was completely persuaded--Miss Smith, you walk as if you were tired. You will not be sorry to find yourself at home."    "What is this?--What is this?" cried Mr. Weston, "about Perry and a carriage? Is Perry going to set up his carriage, Frank? I am glad he can afford it. You had it from himself, had you?"   
oil painting
"No, sir," replied his son, laughing, "I seem to have had it from nobody.--Very odd!--I really was persuaded of Mrs. Weston's having mentioned it in one of her letters to Enscombe, many weeks ago, with all these particulars--but as she declares she never heard a syllable of it before, of course it must have been a dream. I am a great dreamer. I dream of every body at Highbury when I am away-- and when I have gone through my particular friends, then I begin dreaming of Mr. and Mrs. Perry."

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"famous frida kahlo painting"
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