Monday, January 28, 2008

leonardo da vinci last supper painting

the last supper painting
picture of the last supper
leonardo da vinci last supper painting
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I wish to God I could give you some help-but the plain fact is I knownothing-nothing at all that can help you to find the dastardly scoundrel whodid this.Betty was just a merry,happy girl-with a decent young fellow thatshe was-well,we'd have called it walking out with in my young days. Why anyone should want to murder her simply beats me-it doesn't makesense. ""You're very near the truth there,Mr Barnard,"said Crome."I tell youwhat I'd like to do-have a look over Miss Barnard's room.There may besomething-letters-or a diary."
oil paintings "Look over it and welcome,"said Mr Barnard,rising. He led the way.Crome followed him,then Poirot,the Kelsey,and Ibrought up the rear. I stopped for a minute to retie my shoelaces,and as I did so a taxidrew up outside and a girl jumped out of it.She paid the driver and hurriedup the path to the house,carrying a small suitcase.As she entered the doorshe saw me and stopped dead.

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leonardo da vinci last supper painting"