Monday, March 10, 2008

Gustav Klimt Painting

Gustav Klimt Painting
Art Painting
Modern Art Painting
Gustav Klimt The Kiss
She threw down her pipe and bustled in, the girl followed, and I entered too; soon perceiving that her report was true, and, moreover, that I had almost upset her wits by my unwelcome apparition, I bid her be composed. I would go out for a walk; and, meantime, she must try to prepare a corner of a sitting-room for me to sup in, and a bedroom to sleep in. No sweeping and dusting,
oil paintings only good fire and dry sheets were necessary. She seemed willing to do her best; though she thrust the hearth-brush into the grates in mistake for the poker, and malappropriated several other articles of her craft: but I retired, confiding in her energy for a resting-place against my return. Wuthering Heights was the goal of my proposed excursion. An afterthought brought me back, when I had quitted the court.
`All well at the Heights?' I inquired of the woman.
`Eea, f'r owt Ee knaw,' she answered, skurrying away with a pan of hot cinders.

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