Monday, March 3, 2008

The Singing Butler

The Singing Butler
Rembrandt Painting
Decorative painting
`Hallo, Nelly!' cried Mr Heathcliff, when he saw me. `I feared I should have to come down and fetch my property myself. You've brought it, have you? Let us see what we can make of it.'
He got up and strode to the door. Hareton and Joseph followed in gaping curiosity. Poor Linton ran a frightened eye over the faces of the three.
`Sure-ly,' said Joseph, after a grave inspection, `he's swopped wi' ye, maister, an' yon's his lass!'
Heathcliff, having stared his son into an ague of confusion, uttered a scornful laugh.
oil paintings
`God! what a beauty! what a lovely, charming thing!' he exclaimed. `Haven't they reared it on snails and sour milk, Nelly? Oh, damn my soul! but that's worse than I expected--and the devil knows I was not sanguine!'
I bid the trembling and bewildered child get down, and enter. He did not thoroughly comprehend the meaning of his father's speech, or whether it were intended for him: indeed, he was not yet certain that the grim, sneering stranger was his father. But he clung to me with growing trepidation; and on Mr Heathcliff's taking a seat and bidding him `come hither', he hid his face on my shoulder and wept.

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