Friday, May 23, 2008

Jean-Paul Laurens paintings

Jean-Paul Laurens paintings
Jules Breton paintings
Johannes Vermeer paintings
Jacques-Louis David paintings
Back! Whoso touches him perils his life!"
The Lord Protector was perplexed in the last degree. He said to the Lord St. John:
"Searched you well?-but it boots not to ask that. It doth seem passing strange. Little things, trifles, slip out of one's ken, and one does not think it matter for surprise; but how a so bulky thing as the Seal of England can vanish away and no man be able to get track of it again-a massy golden disk-"
Tom Canty, with beaming eyes, sprang forward and shouted:
"Hold, that is enough! Was it round?-and thick?-and had it letters and devices graved upon it?-Yes? Oh, now I know what this Great Seal is that there's been such worry and pother about! An ye had described it to me, ye could have had it three weeks ago. Right well I know where it lies; but it was not I that put it there-first."
"Who, then, my liege?" asked the Lord Protector.
"He that stands there-the rightful king of England. And he shall tell you himself where it lies-then you will believe he knew it of his own knowledge. Bethink thee, my king-spur thy memory-it was the last, the very last thing thou didst that day before thou didst rush forth from the palace, clothed in my rags, to punish the soldier that insulted me.

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