Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kahlo Fruit of Life painting

Kahlo Fruit of Life painting
Kahlo Fruits of the Earth painting
Kahlo Fulang Chang and I painting
Kahlo Girl with Death Mask painting
Why," said the Gryphon, "you first form into a line along the sea-shore -- -"
"Two lines!" cried the Mock Turtle. "Seals, turtles, and so on; then, when you've cleared the jelly-fish out of the way -- -"
"That generally takes some time," interrupted the Gryphon.
" -- you advance twice -- -"
"Each with a lobster as a partner!" cried the Gryphon.
"Of course," the Mock Turtle said: "advance twice, set to partners -- -"
" -- change lobsters, and retire in same order," continued the Gryphon.
"Then you know," the Mock Turtle went on, "you throw the -- -"
"The lobsters!" shouted the Gryphon, with a bound into the air.
" -- as far out to sea as you can -- -"
"Swim after them!" screamed the Gryphon.
"Turn a somersault in the sea!" cried the Mock Turtle, capering wildly about.
"Change lobsters again!" yelled the Gryphon at the top of its voice.
"Back to land again, and -- that's all the first

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