Thursday, July 17, 2008

Douglas Hofmann Reclining Nude I painting

Douglas Hofmann Reclining Nude I painting
Claude Monet Irises in Monets Garden painting
The members have cast their solemn votes for Beijing, capital of the world's largest developing country. Their wisdom has allowed them to see into the future and proved to them that in seven years, Beijing and the whole of China will be home to a stable society, a prosperous economy and a well-off population, that the country's transportation and environmental situation will be greatly improved, and that the cause of democracy and rule of law will continually advance.   Beijing's winning of the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games is another milestone in China's rising international status and a historical event in the great renaissance of the Chinese nation.   The spirit of the Olympic Games goes beyond political systems, ideological differences, cultural traditions and races, and is universally accepted and respected by the whole world. The competition to host the Games is one

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