Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Guido Reni Angel of the Annunciation painting

Guido Reni Angel of the Annunciation painting
Francois Boucher Venus Consoling Love painting
Francois Boucher The Interrupted Sleep painting
No, I wanna come, I want to see Fred and George's shop!" said Ron hastily.
"Then you just buck up your ideas, young man, before I decide you're too immature to come with us!" said Mrs. Weasley angrily, snatching up her clock, all nine hands of which were still pointing at "mortal peril," and balancing it on top of a pile of just-laundered towels. "And that goes for returning to Hogwarts as well!"
Ron turned to stare incredulously at Harry as his mother hoisted the laundry basket and the teetering clock into her arms and stormed out of the room.
"Blimey... you can't even make a joke round here anymore..."
But Ron was careful not to be flippant about Voldemort over the next few days. Saturday dawned without any more outbursts from Mrs. Weasley, though she seemed very tense at breakfast. Bill, who would be staying at Home with Fleur (much to Hermione and Ginny's pleasure), passed a full money bag across the table to Harry.

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