Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Douglas Hofmann silver satin painting

Douglas Hofmann silver satin paintingDouglas Hofmann midnight blue paintingJose Royo Tarde en el Campo painting
their descendants and devotees in Meyun and Huy.
For the next couple of generations the dispute simmered, sometimes breaking out in armed forays from Huy across the stream to the land they claimed on its western bank. About a mile and a half of the length of the stream was in dispute. The Alуn was some thirty yards wide at its shallowest, narrower where it ran between banks five feet high. There were some good trout pools in the northern end of the disputed reach. The forays from Huy always met fierce resistance from Meyun. Whenever the Huyans succeeded in keeping the piece of land west of the Alуn, they put up a wall around it in a semicircle out from the stream and back. The men of Meyun would then gather their forces, lead a foray against the wall, drive the Huyans back across the Alуn, pull the Huyans' wall down, and erect a wall running along the east side of the stream for a mile and a half

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