Sunday, September 14, 2008

Paul Cezanne Vase with Flowers painting

Paul Cezanne Vase with Flowers paintingPaul Cezanne The Black Clock paintingPaul Cezanne Still Life with Onions painting
clutched his head. On the sixth stroke he'd snatched off his new eyeglasses just in time, for the seventh shattered them, as earlier in the Belfry. On that eighth and last, blood spurted from his nose, his eyes rolled up out of sight, he shrieked,"Ach, mein Grunder, ist geborsten der Schädelknocken!" and collapsed again. Croaker bounded to his side, and I sprang down. The handcuffs fell at my feet.
"Halt!" a guard warned; Stoker drew his pistol. But I went in perfect sureness past him to the sidecar, and caught up his prisoners' hands.
"Leonid Andreich!" I said. "Pete! Thank you and pass you!"
"Itis George," Greene said joyfully. "Hi there, George."
"Hi," I said. "Listen, Leonid: why are you going to Main Detention?"
"Because he's under arrest!" Stoker snapped.
Leonid shrugged. "I talk again to Dr. Spielman; maybe turn him looseness yet."
I gripped his hand. "Max doesn't want that, classmate. Butyou : look --" I tapped his handcuff. "You're free!"
He shook his head.
"Go back to Nikolay I urged him. "That's where you have to pass!"
"Selfishly, George."

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