Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Van Gogh The Langlois Bridge at Arles with Women Washing

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fans, Fric shopped the library shelves for a book, mindful that Mr. Truman had said not to dawdle.In case they didn’t make s’mores and sit on the floor telling scary stories, he took the trouble of finding a book that he might actually enjoy reading. He soft ringing of a hundred tiny wind chimes all agitated at once.When he looked up at the stained-glass dome, he saw hundreds of pieces of glass break out of the leading and fall toward him.No. Not glass. The stained-glass mosaic remained in place across the entire arc of the thirty-foot dome. Shards of color and shadow fell out of the glass without breaking it, fell through it from the night above or maybe from somewhere immeasurably stranger than the night.[556] The shards fell slowly, not to the demand of gravity,figured that he would be awake most of this long night, and not because he was excited about Christmas Eve coming in just two days. If he didn’t have a book to pass the time, he would go as crazy as Barbra Streisand’s two-headed cat.He had just found a novel that looked good when he heard noise overhead: a shimmering, like the

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