Monday, January 5, 2009

Andy Warhol Flowers 1964 painting

Andy Warhol Flowers 1964 paintingAndy Warhol Cow Pink on Yellow paintingAndy Warhol Shot Blue Marilyn 1964 painting
soon as she had learnt the danger that threatened her, she began to lament her fate. What! A man's son coming to her palace! And, perhaps, with the help of the magic diamond, discovering her secrets! What should she do? What would become of her? How could she defend herself? And, forgetting that she was sinning against Silence, her own particular god, Night began to utter piercing screams. It was true that falling into such a commotion was hardly likely the great door at the back of the hall, behind which the Birds of the Moon live and generally the Blue Bird too. The secrets of the other caverns will be sure to scare them. The hope of our safety lies in the terror which you will make them feel."
There was clearly no other course to take. But Night had not time to reply, for she heard a sound. Then her beautiful features contracted; her wings spread out angrily; and everything in her attitude told Tylette that Night approved of her plan.
"Here they are!" cried the Cat. to help her find a cure for her troubles. Luckily for her, Tylette, who was accustomed to the annoyances and worries of better armed. She had worked out her plan when going ahead of the children; and she was hoping to persuade Night to adopt it. She explained this plan to her in a few words: "I see only one thing for it, Mother Night: as they are children, we must give them such a fright that they will not dare to insist on opening

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