Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bill Brauer The Gold Dress

Bill Brauer The Gold DressHenri Matisse Blue Nude I 1952Cassius Marcellus Coolidge A Friend in Need
lane ran down through trees to another road at the far end, and it wasn't lighted. It would have been easy for an ordinary burglar to get unobserved into the shrubbery and that there was a strong iron fence twice as high as Will, with spikes on the top, running the length of Sir Charles's property. However, it wascabinet thing and I'll close that window and then I'll come back to this one. You stay here in this world and keep watch. As soon as you hear me call you, you come through this window into Ci'gazze and then I'll close it up again. All right?"
"Yeah," she whispered. "Both me and Pan'll look out."
Her daemon was a small tawny owl, almost invisible in the no barrier to the subtle knife."Hold this bar while I cut it," Will whispered. "Catch it when it falls."Lyra did as he said, and he cut through four bars altogether, enough for them to pass through without difficulty. Lyra laid them one by one on the grass, and then they were through, and moving among the bushes.Once they had a clear sight of the side of the house, with the creeper-shaded window of the study facing them across the smooth lawn, Will said quietly, "I'm going to cut through into Ci'gazze here, and leave the window open, and move in Ci'gazze to where I think the study is, and then cut back through to this world. Then I'll take the alethiometer out of that

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