Thursday, February 26, 2009

George Bellows Club Night

George Bellows Club NightCaravaggio The Seven Acts of MercyCaravaggio The Lute PlayerCaravaggio The Inspiration of Saint Matthew
You?" said Hrun uncertainly.
"Ahaha. Yes," said Rincewind. "Hrun, isn't it? Long time no see. What brings you here?"
Hrun pointed to the luggage.
"That," he said. This much conversation seemed to exhaust Hrun. Then he added, in a tone that combined statement, claim, threat and ultimatum: "Mine."
"It belongs to Twoflower here," said Rincewind.
"Here's a tip. and we might all stand a chance of getting out of here alive. Or merely just dead."
"Who is he?" asked Twoflower. He was holding a cage in his hands, dredged from the bottom-most depths of the Luggage. It appeared to be full of sulking pink lizards.
"I am Hrun," said Hrun proudly. Then he looked at Rincewind.Don't touch it."It dawned on him that this was precisely the wrong thing to say, but Hrun had already pushed Twoflower away and was reaching for the Luggage... which sprouted legs, backed away, and raised its lid threateningly. In the uncertain light Rincewind thought he could see rows of enormous teeth, white as bleached beechwood."Hrun," he said quickly, "there's something I ought to tell you."Hrun turned a puzzled face to him."What?" he said."It's about numbers. Look, you know if you add seven and one, or three and five, or take two from ten. You get a number. While you're here don't say it
"What?" he said.

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