Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Andy Warhol Diamond Dust Shoes Lilac Blue Green

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One of the star people, a woman, pushed her hair out of her eyes with a soot-blackened hand, gazed intently t Cohen's left ear, and said, 'Ridding the disc of wickedness.'
Two menhe said to one of the star men, who had gripped his arm.
'All books of magic must be burned,' said the man, but a little uncertainly, because something about Cohen's teeth was giving him a nasty feeling of sanity.
'Why?' said Cohen.
'It has been revealed to us.' Now Cohen's smile was as wide as all outdoors, and rather more dangerous.
'I think we ought to be getting along,' said Lackjaw nervously. A party of star people had turned into the street behind them. came out of the building and glared at Cohen, or at least at his ear.Cohen reached out and took the heavy book the woman was carrying. Its cover was crusted with strange red and black stones that spelled out what Cohen was sure was a word. He showed it to Lackjaw.'The Necrotelecomnicon,' said the dwarf. 'Wizards use it. It's how to contact the dead, I think.''That's wizards for you,' said Cohen. He felt a page between finger and thumb; it was thin, and quite soft. The rather unpleasant organic-looking didn't worry him at all. Yes, a book like this could be a real friend to a man —'Yes? You want something?'

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