Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Frida Kahlo Two Nudes in the Forest

Frida Kahlo Two Nudes in the ForestFrida Kahlo Self Portrait with Thorn NecklaceFrida Kahlo Self Portrait with Small MonkeyFrida Kahlo Portrait of Christina My SisterFrida Kahlo Fulang Chang and I
' she said grimly. 'Let's do the show right here.' Nanny squinted sullenly after Hwel. 'Break your own leg,' she muttered.
Hwel stood in the wings and gave the signal for the curtains. And for the thunder.
It didn't come.
'Thunder!' he hissed, in a voice heard by half the audience. 'Get on with it!'
A voice like a bell.
Hwel looked up at the sky. Great black clouds were blowing across the castle, blotting out the stars.
The storm was back.
It had spent ages learning its craft. It had spent years lurking in distant valleys. It from behind the nearest pillar wailed, 'I went and bent the thunder, Hwel! It just goes clonk-clonk!'Hwel stood silent for a moment, counting. The company watched him, awestruck but not, unfortunately, thunderstruck.At last he raised his fists to the open sky and said, 'I wanted a storm! Just a storm. Not even a big storm. Any storm. Now I want to make myself absolutely CLEAR! I have had ENOUGH! I want thunder right NOW!'The stab of lightning that answered him turned the multi-hued shadows of the castle into blinding white and searing black. It was followed by a roll of thunder, on cue.It was the loudest noise Hwel had ever heard. It seemed to start inside his head and work its way outwards.It went on and on, shaking every stone in the castle. Dust rained down. A distant turret broke away with balletic slowness and, tumbling end over end, dropped gently into the hungry depths of the gorge.When it finished it left a silence that rang

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