Monday, March 9, 2009

Pierre-Auguste Cot Le Printemps

Pierre-Auguste Cot Le PrintempsGeorge Frederick Watts CharityFrancisco de Goya Nude Maja
At the far end of the hall she could see the most senior wizards at their high table, which in fact bobbed a few feet off the floor. They were staring.
A medium-and find me an important wizard, please. Quickly."
Esk tapped her on the back. A couple of wizards with a rather greater presence of mind had nipped smartly out of the door behind them, and now several their lodge, but now she felt a pang of sympathy for them.
Two of them reached out hairy hands and grabbed Granny's shoulders. Her arm disappeared behind her back and there was a brief flurry of movement that ended with the men hopping away, clutching grade wizard - Esk recognised him as a lecturer in Applied Astrology - rushed towards them, waving his hands. "Nononono," he shouted. "Wrong door. You must go away." "Don't mind me," said Granny calmly, pushing past him. "Nonono, it's against the lore, you must go away now. Ladies are not allowed in here!" "I'm not a lady, I'm a witch," said Granny. She turned to Esk. "Is he very important?" "I don't think so," said Esk. "Right." Granny turned to the lecturer: "Go

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