Monday, March 2, 2009

William Beard So You Wanna Get Married

William Beard So You Wanna Get MarriedWilliam Beard Phantom CraneWilliam Beard OwlsWilliam Beard Majestic Stag
falling branch, and the whispering of the trees discussing religion and the trouble with squirrels. Rincewind began to feel very lonely. He imagined himself living in the woods forever, sleeping on leaves and eating . . . and eating . . . whatever there was to eat in woods. Trees, he supposed, and nuts and berries. He would have to . . .
There, coming wet and cold rain. Rincewind and Twoflower sat under a tree and watched it.
'Why are we here?'
'Well, some say that the Creator of the Universe made the Disc and everything on it, others say that its all a very complicated story involving the testicles of the Sky God and the milk of up the path, was Twoflower – dripping wet, but beaming with delight. The Luggage trotted along behind him (anything made of the wood would follow its owner anywhere and it was often used to make luggage for the grave goods of very rich dead kings who wanted to be sure of starting a new life in the next world with clean underwear).Rincewind sighed. Up to now, he'd thought the day couldn't possibly get worse. It began to rain a particularly

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