Friday, April 24, 2009


Cao Yong AGE OF INNOCENCECao Yong AFTERNOON TEACao Yong cao yong Red Umbrella
change in the texture of the forest now. It was old even by the standards of Lancre forestry. Beards of moss hung from gnarled low branches. Ancient leaves crack-led underfoot as the witch and the dwarf flew between the trees. Something heard them and crashed away through the thick undergrowth. By the sound of it, it was something with horns.
Nanny let the broomstick glide to a halt.
“There,” she said, pushing aside a bracken frond, ‘the Long Man.’”
Casanunda peeredon privy walls with 200,000 tons of earth, in a manner of speaking.”
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“Doesn’t sound like you to be shocked by that sort of thing.”
She could have sworn the dwarf was blushing under his wig. under her elbow.“Is that all? It’s just an old burial mound.”“Three old burial mounds,” said NannyCasanunda took in the overgrown landscape.“Yes, I see them,” he said. “Two round ones and a long one. Well?”“The first time I saw ‘em from the air,” said Nanny, “I nearly fell off the bloody broomstick for laughin’.”There was one of those pauses known as the delayed drop while the dwarf worked out the topography of the situation.Then:“Blimey,” said Casanunda. “I thought the people who built burial mounds and earthworks and things were serious druids and people like that, not. . . not people who drew

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