Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pop art elvis

Pop art elvisPop art coltrane on rustPop art Bruce Springsteen - The BOSSPop art booker t & the mgs on green
Well, that’s about it, then,” said Granny Weatherwax, as the warriors approached. She dropped her voice.
“When the time comes,” she said, “run.”
“What time?”
“You’ll know.”
Granny fell to in an area that Nanny Ogg would be surprised that Esme Weatherwax even knew about.
Diamanda was already running. Granny’s elbow caught the other elf in the chest as she set off after her.
Behind her, she heard the merry laughter of the elves.
Diamanda had been surprised at Granny’s old lady act. She was far more surprised when Granny drew level. But Granny had more to run away from.her knees as the elves approached.“Oh, deary me, oh spare my life, I am but a poor old woman and skinny also,” she said. “Oh spare my life, young sir. Oh lawks.”She curled up, sobbing. Diamanda looked at her in astonishment, not least at how anyone could expect to get away with something like that.115Terry PratchettElves had been away from humans for a long time. The first elf reached her, hauled her up by her shoulder, and got a doubled-handed, bony-knuckled punch

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