Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sandro Botticelli Venus and Mars

Sandro Botticelli Venus and MarsJean Beraud La Rue de la PaixHenri Rousseau The Snake Charmer
trousers have been too often awash with whitewash, whose nerves would disintegrate completely at the sound of just one more whoopee-cushion. The other Guild leaders tried to be nice to him, in the same way that people try to be ‘Hohoho, ‘ said the leader of the Assassins’ Guild. ‘Hohoho,’ said the head Alchemist. ‘And, you know, what makes it even funnier is that it was actually an alembic.’
‘So what you’re telling me,’ said the Patrician, as considerate hands led the Fool away, ‘is that none of you are responsible for these events?’ He gave Ridcully a meaningful look as he spoke.
The Archchancellor was about to answer when his eye was caught by a movement on the Patrician’s kind to other people who are standing on the ledges of very high buildings.‘What do you mean, Geoffrey?’ said Ridcully, as kindly as he could. The Fool gulped. ‘Well, you see,’ he mumbled, ‘we have sharp as in splinters, and retort as in large glass alchemical vessel, ~~d thus we get a pun on “sharp retort” which also means, well, a scathing answer. Sharp retort. You see? It’s a play on words. Um. It’s not very good, is it.’ The Archchancellor looked into eyes like two runny eggs. ‘Oh, apun,’ he said.’Of course. Hohoho.’ He waved a hand encouragingly at the others.‘Hohoho, ‘ said the Chief Priest.

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