Tuesday, January 22, 2008

girl with a pearl earring vermeer

girl with a pearl earring vermeer
Gustav Klimt Kiss painting
Head of Christ
Hylas and the Nymphs
didn't know how much till she abused you,' began Meg. ¡¡¡¡`And I needn't go away, but may stay and be happy, may I, dear?' ¡¡¡¡Here was another fine chance to make the crushing speech and the stately exit, but Meg never thought of doing either, and disgraced herself for ever in Jo's eyes by meekly whispering, `Yes, John,' and hiding her face on Mr. Brooke's waistcoat. ¡¡¡¡Fifteen minutes after Aunt March's departure, Jo came softly downstairs, paused an instant at the parlour door, and, hearing no sound within, nodded and smiled, with a satisfied expression, saying to herself, `
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She has sent him away as we planned, and that affair is settled. I'll go and hear the fun, and have a good laugh over it.' ¡¡¡¡But poor Jo never got her laugh, for she was transfixed upon the threshold by a spectacle which held her there, staring with her mouth nearly as wide open as her eyes. Going to exult over a fallen enemy, and to praise a strong-minded sister for the banishment of an objectionable lover, it certainly was a shock to behold the aforesaid enemy serenely sitting on the sofa, with the strong-minded sister enthroned upon his knee, and wearing an expression of the most abject submission. Jo gave a sort of gasp as if a cold shower-bath had suddenly fallen

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girl with a pearl earring vermeer"