Tuesday, January 22, 2008

mona lisa smile

mona lisa smile
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¡¡¡¡He seemed to think it was worth the trouble, for he smiled to himself as if quite satisfied, pressed the plump hand gratefully, and said, in his most persuasive tone, `Will you try and find out? I want to know so much; for I can't go to work with any heart until I learn whether I am to have my reward in the end or not.' ¡¡¡¡`I'm too young,' faltered Meg, wondering why she was so fluttered, yet rather enjoying it. ¡¡¡¡`I'll wait; and in the meantime, you could be l
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earning to like me. Would it be a very hard lesson, dear?' ¡¡¡¡`Not if I chose to learn it, but--' ¡¡¡¡`Please choose to learn, Meg. I love to teach, and this is easier than German,' broke in John, getting possession of the other hand, so that she had no way of hiding her face, as he bent to look into it. ¡¡¡¡His tone was properly beseeching; but, stealing a shy look at him, Meg saw that his eyes were merry as well as tender, and that he wore the satisfied smile of one who had no doubt of his success. This nettled her; Annie Moffat's foolish lessons in coquetry came into her mind, and the love of power, which sleeps in the bosoms of the best of little women, woke up

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