Sunday, February 17, 2008

fine art oil painting

fine art oil painting
african art painting
art work painting
abstract art painting
his fondness for Heathcliff, and his dread lest he should suffer neglect after death had removed him; and that naturally led me to consider the poor lad's situation now, and from singing I changed my mind to crying. It struck me soon, however, there would be more sense in endeavouring to repair some of his wrongs than shedding tears over them: I got up and walked into the court to seek him. He was not far; I found him smoothing the glossy coat of the new pony in the stable, and feeding the other beasts, according to custom.
oil paintings
`Make haste, Heathcliff!' I said, `the kitchen is so comfortable; and Joseph is upstairs: make haste, and let me dress you smart before Miss Cathy comes out, and then you can sit together, with the whole hearth to yourselves, and have a long chatter till bedtime.'
He proceeded with his task and never turned his head towards me.
`Come--are you coming?' I continued. `There's a little cake for each of you, nearly enough; and you'll need half an hour's donning.'

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