Monday, July 7, 2008

Claude Monet paintings

Claude Monet paintings
Charles Chaplin paintings
large diamonds of the first water.' But what booted beauty or rich attire? `The paths of glory lead but to the grave.' They must either be murdered or die of a broken heart. There was no escape for them."
"Let me read some of your stories."
"Well, here's my masterpiece. Note its cheerful title -- `My Graves.' I shed quarts of tears while writing it, and the other girls shed gallons while I read it. Jane Andrews' mother scolded her frightfully because she had so many handkerchiefs in the wash that week. It's a harrowing tale of the wanderings of a Methodist minister's wife. I made her a Methodist because it was necessary that she should wander. She buried a child every place she lived in. There were nine of them and their graves were severed far apart, ranging from Newfoundland to Vancouver. I described the children, pictured their several death beds, and detailed their tombstones and epitaphs. I had intended to bury the whole nine but when I had disposed of eight my invention of

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