Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gustav Klimt The Kiss painting

Gustav Klimt The Kiss painting
Steve Hanks Casting Her Shadows painting
tells everything to Fred -- I know she does. Well, I've had my first proposal. I supposed it would come some day -- but I certainly never thought it would be by proxy. It's awfully funny -- and yet there's a sting in it, too, somehow."
Anne knew quite well wherein the sting consisted, though she did not put it into words. She had had her secret dreams of the first time some one should ask her the great question. And it had, in those dreams, always been very romantic and beautiful: and the "some one" was to be very handsome and dark-eyed and distinguished-looking and eloquent, whether he were Prince Charming to be enraptured with "yes," or one to whom a regretful, beautifully worded, but hopeless refusal must be given. If the latter, the refusal was to be expressed so delicately that it would be next best thing to acceptance, and he would go away, after kissing her hand, assuring her of his unalterable, life-long devotion. And it would always be a beautiful memory, to be proud of and a little sad about, also.
And now, this thrilling experience had turned out to be merely grotesque. Billy

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