Sunday, August 31, 2008

Edward Hopper Nighthawks painting

Edward Hopper Nighthawks paintingFrederic Edwin Church Sunset paintingTitian The Fall of Man painting
listened to reason; it was to that end exactly he'd stopped at sight of me instead of returning at once to the work of calming the crowd. To Anastasia then, who asked him what the trouble was, he reported dryly that Tower Clock had stopped, for one thing, thanks to some disastrous move of Dr. Eierkopf's of which it was known only that I had advised it; further, that Eierkopf himself was reportedly paralyzed from head to toe, that Croaker was once again amok, that the Power Plant was in grave trouble for want of supervision, that the Nikolayans were threatening riot at the Boundary, that WESCAC was rumored to be in danger of failing for lack of power, and that Chancellor Rexford, so far from making an appearance to calm the student body's alarm, would see no one, not even his highest advisors. General panic and breakdown of the seemed imminent, and as my presence appeared to be the single common factor in these several crises, the crowd's fear was turning to wrath against me.
"Ridiculous!" I protested. But the lights winked again, and my heart misgave me. "You stirred them up yourself!"
Bray ignored me. "As for the rest," he said to Anastasia: "it's good you know now I'm your brother and the GILES, butthat fact changes nothing between us

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