Sunday, September 7, 2008

Joseph Mallord William Turner paintings

Joseph Mallord William Turner paintings
Julien Dupre paintings
Julius LeBlanc Stewart paintings
as well as using them to carry placards. These last were blank.
They greeted me respectfully but enthusiastically. Had the Administration seen its error and pardoned me? they wanted to know. Was I aware how many folksongs and free-verse poems my lynching had inspired, despite the Administration's efforts to suppress them on grounds of obscenity? Did I know of the "sleep-ins" staged in my behalf and wrongfully slandered by the right-wing press as "sleep-arounds," though the only fornication had been by neo-Bonifacistprovocateurs of both sexes? Did I approve ofCarte-blanchisme, their current cause, which aimed at nothing less than Freedom From Everything?
"That's not what it means tome," objected one of their number. "To me,Carte-blanchisme is a blanket protest against the great Nothing."
This interpretation struck many of his classmates as heretical and was therefore warmly applauded, though one bright fellow remarked that "the great Nothing" was exactly what Sakhyanism aimed at, and a brighter observed that, since the great Nothing was equivalent to Everything, and Freedom From Everything meant FreedomFor Everything the two interpretations of their cause were not mutually exclusive.

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