Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Albert Bierstadt California Coast painting

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ago, after he had learned that he held authority over Dunny’s affairs.Surprise had been matched by dismay. Although Hannah had been gone for five years, the presence of the picture seemed to be an act of emotional aggression, and somehow an insult to her memory that [92] she should be an object of affection—and once anDunny had phoned to say that over those thirty-six months, he had brooded long and hard on her untimely death at thirty-two. Gradually but profoundly, the loss of her—just knowing that she was no longer out there somewhere in the world—had affected him, had changed him forever.Dunny claimed that he was going to go straight, extract himself from all his criminal enterprises. Ethan had not believed him, but had wished him luck. They had never spoken again.Later, he heard through third parties that Dunny had that old object of crime and violence.Ethan had left the photograph untouched, for even with a power of attorney covering all of Dunny’s affairs, he had felt that the picture in the handsome silver frame hadn’t been his property either to dispose of or to claim.At the hospital on the night of Hannah’s death, again at the funeral, following twelve years of estrangement, Ethan and Dunny had spoken. not, however, brought them together otherwise. They had not exchanged a word for three years.On the third anniversary of Hannah’s passing,

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