Friday, December 12, 2008

Francisco de Goya Blind Man's Buff painting

Francisco de Goya Blind Man's Buff paintingEdgar Degas The Rehearsal paintingEdgar Degas The Bellelli Family painting
statement would thereafter be taken with enough salt to crust the rims of a million margarita glasses.“The shooter who killed Reynerd,” Hazard said, “was a gangbanger called himself Hector X. Real name was Calvin Roosevelt. He’s a high cuzz in the Crips, so you figure his accomplice must’ve been driving a set of wheels they boosted right before the hitafter that, his lawyer contacted me, told me Dunny’s will named me executor, and his living will gives me the right to make medical decisions for him.”“You never mentioned this.”“Didn’t see any reason. You know what he was. You understand why I didn’t want him in myBut I accepted the situation out of ... I don’t know ... because of what he meant to me when we were kids.”Hazard nodded. He withdrew a roll of hard caramels from a coat pocket, peeled back the wrapping, and offered to share..”“Standard,” Ethan agreed.“But there’s no stolen-car report on the Benz they used. I got the number on the tags, and you won’t believe who it belongs to.”Hazard looked up from his folded hands. He met Ethan’s eyes.Although Ethan didn’t know what was coming, he knew it couldn’t be good. “Who?”“Your boyhood pal. The notorious Dunny Whistler.”[239] Ethan didn’t look away. He didn’t dare. “You know what happened to him a few months ago.”“Some guys drowned him in a toilet, but he didn’t quite die.”“Few days

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