Thursday, March 26, 2009

George Frederick Watts Watts Choosing

George Frederick Watts Watts ChoosingFrancisco de Zurbaran Rest on the flight to EgyptClaude Lorrain Seaport with the Embarkation of the Queen of ShebaFrancisco de Zurbaran The Immaculate ConceptionArthur Hughes La Belle Dame Sans Merci
looked like a large, ornate pot, almost as high as a man of large pot height. Around its rim eight pottery elephants hung from little bronze chains; one of them swung backwards and forwards at the Bursar’s touch.
The see-’
‘She hwas dusting,’ said Mrs Whitlow, helpfully. When Mrs Whitlow was in the grip of acute class consciousness she could create aitches where nature never intended them to be.
‘–and then it started me’king a noise–’
‘Hit made hay hnoise,’ said Mrs Whitlow. ‘So she come and told me, your lordship, h’as hper my instructions.’ Archchancellor peered down inside. ‘It’s all levers and bellows,’ he said, distastefully. The Bursar turned to the University housekeeper. ‘Well, now, Mrs Whitlow,’ he said, ‘what exactly happened?’ Mrs Whitlow, huge, pink and becorseted, patted her ginger wig and nudged the tiny maid who was hovering beside her like a tugboat. ‘Tell his lordship, Ksandra,’ she ordered. Ksandra looked as though she was regretting the whole thing. ‘Well, sir, please, sir, I was dusting, you

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