Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jean Beraud La Rue de la Paix 1907

Jean Beraud La Rue de la Paix 1907Unknown Artist tango dancersUnknown Artist sweet breathUnknown Artist red backgroundUnknown Artist flower carrier
An accident in the Library, yes. Magical explosion. One minute a human, next minute an orang-utan. And you mustn’t call him a monkey, Master. He’s an ape.’
‘Same damn difference, surely?’
‘Apparently him.’
‘Good grief, no! He’s the best Librarian we’ve ever had. And tremendous value for money.’
‘Why? What d’we pay him?’
‘Peanuts,’ said the Bursar promptly. ‘Besides, he’s the only one who knows how the Library actually works.’
‘Turn him back, then. No life for a man, bein’ a monkey.’ not. He gets very, er, aggressive if you call him a monkey.’ ‘He doesn’t stick his bottom at people, does he?’ The Bursar closed his eyes and shuddered. ‘No, Master. You’re thinking of baboons.’ ‘Ah.’ The Archchancellor considered this. ‘Haven’t got any of them workin’ here, then?’ ‘No, Master. Just the Librarian, Master.’ ‘Can’t have it. Can’t have it, yer know. Can’t have damn great hairy things shambling around the place,’ said the Archchancellor firmly. ‘Get rid of

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