Monday, March 23, 2009

Henri Matisse Odalisques

Henri Matisse OdalisquesHenri Matisse OdalisqueHenri Matisse MusicHenri Matisse Le bonheur de vivreGeorges Seurat The Circus
threateningly over the palace and whirred off towards the mountains.
Koomi mopped his forehead.
'Bit of a close shave there,' he said. His colleagues nodded, staring at the fading ripples. Suddenly, Djeibeybi was no place , as the sacred crocodiles homed in like submarines.
Koomi raised his hands, imploring. It is said that the hour brings forth the man. He was the kind of man that is brought forth by devious and unpleasant hours, and underneath his bald head certain conclusions were beginning to unfold, like things imprisoned for years inside stones. He wasn't yet sure what they were, but they were broadly on the subject of gods, the new age, the need for a firm hand on the helm, and possibly for honest doubt. Honest doubt could get you seriously picked up and your arms and legs torn off. 'Er,.' said one of them. 'Cephut's going to be a bit upset, though, isn't he?' 'All hail Cephut,' they chorused. Just in case. 'Don't see why,' grumbled an elderly priest at the back of the crowd. 'Bloody knife and fork artist.' They grabbed him, still protesting, and hurled him into the river. 'All hail-' They paused. 'Who was he high priest of, anyway?' 'Bunu, the Goat-headed God of Goats? Wasn't he?' 'All hail Bunu, probably,' they chorused

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